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The following series of anti drinking and driving slogans have been seen throughout the nation in the past to raise awareness to the dangers of drinking while under the influence. Jan 4, 2019 - Here is a collection of slogans, quotes, posters, and poems against drugs. The problem is — they're not supposed to be funny. Be smart – Don’t start. It’s not for you, stay away from it. Drug user is a loser. These anti bullying slogans will help you realize that you have to respect others. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer. anti-drug slogan | Hodges Badge Company's Blog. Don’t let your life get wasted by being wasted. Family is better than drugs. > Anti Drug Slogans > Drug Prevention Slogans +46. Anti Drug Slogans In Hindi. Your life is way too precious to be lost to drug abuse. Anti Drug Slogans for Kids. Be proud of yourself and say no to drugs. Life has the ability to take you way above than drugs ever can. It is a complex, chronic brain disease. +22. Slogans are catchy one-liners intending to have a positive impact about it. This is where drug free slogans come into play. Drugs can ruin your life. Try and read a book. shoot for the stars not your arms. It is also prescribed to people for their physical and mental well-being. You will lose count as to when the one time got you addicted to it. Here are anti drug slogans that you can use anywhere in posters, schools, and colleges. 151 Best Anti Drug Slogans, Drug Posters, Phrases, Poems and Quotes Anti Drug Slogans. Bullying is mean and should be stopped. Drugs can ruin your life. Family, friends, and drugs can’t live together. Treatment is different for every person depending on the type of drug they abused. The younger the child is, the more you can stay him away from drugs and chemicals. 10. Drugs … Alcohol: You use, You lose. Usually, these anti-drug quotes are printed on posters by different anti drug organizations. Lets all spread the word to just say No to Drugs. Reaching out to the youth can be difficult in this age of technology in the 21st century. Drugs are never the answer to ease out on the pain. 9. Behavioural therapy is one such way to effectively treat the addiction of some drugs such as nicotine, heroin or alcohol – with proper medication. Drugs can ruin lives and potential. It’s a death trap. Users are losers, and losers are users. Drug abuse can be defined as excessive use of psychoactive drugs that include alcohol, anti-depressants, pain medications or illegal drugs. Be all you can be, Go drug free. Make the Beary Best... Drug Free Slogans for kids. Put it down before it puts you out. 1. It will make you forget about the problems in your mind, whereas in reality, it still exists and will not be solved until you solve it yourself. Be proud to be drug free. Instead, try and do the thing that gets your mind off of it. 3: A pill can thrill but can also kill. Sorry Quotes. Let’s jump into the slogans. 5. 1. Anti alcohol slogans can also jolt you or your addicted loved one, into realization of the negative impact it has on your health (16+ Health & Wellness Slogans). 1. I can eat bugs but not drugs! Anti Weed Slogans. The problem arises when people start taking drugs in an excessive amount. A SUD gets developed when a person continued use of alcohol or other drugs causes significant issues to the person. Mama cries when your brain fries. Do a good deed and kill the weed. Students can read more Slogans about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more. Choose life over drugs. Stay drug free and be the best you could be. Happy Birthday Wishes. The “Just Say No” slogan has been popularized throughout drug prevention campaigns for kids since . This will not only help to keep students away from drugs but also others. Finding a catchy slogan can be one way to create a memorable message they will remember. Quotes about drinking or anti alcohol slogans could help you with that. An anti-drug has the effect of opposing or completely restricting the use of narcotics or other drugs used for abuse. Anti-Drug Slogans / Drug Free Slogans: 1: A life on Ecstasy will turn to Misery. These slogans are intended to inspire your next anti drinking and driving campaign. Kick off the drugs before it kicks you down. Good, Funny Anti Drug Slogans: Drugs make you retarded, so don’t get it started. Get High on your Fitness, don’t kill yourself with drugs. 4: A prescription pill has the power to kill. +15. Anti Drug Slogans Drugs Ruin Lives. There Is No Hope In Dope. Drugs can affect the mind of a human being in a seriously wrong way. Stand up and stay a no to drugs. 12. Look yourself into the mirror and tell yourself that you made the right choice by saying a no. Attitude Quotes. Get high on Life, not Drugs. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. 5: Above the Influence: 6: Always say no to drugs: 7: Angel dust is a disgust. These slogans intend to educate the targeted audience about the dark side of drug abuse and how there is a possibility of living a new life with the help of anti-drugs. Anti drug slogans are important to lead your young generation in the right way. Goodbye Quotes. BuzzFeed Staff. Find out more catchy anti-drug slogans for school by clicking on the following link: Comment your thoughts about it. ... 50+ Short & Heart Touching Love Slogans, Quotes & Sayings ... 500 x 500 png 298kB. Family Quotes. Here are some amazing catchy anti-drug slogans that will encourage young adults to stay away from these damaging substances. Life is short, don’t make it shorter with drugs. Be fly don’t get high. How fast can someone get addicted to drugs? Crack is Whack […] Your drugs will make your Mama cry for you. Don’t do drugs..before it’s too late. Recent search terms: Try and read a book. QuotesGram. Be clever, don’t drug! Geezer Junkie! 13. Be the best you can be choose to be drug free. Here are some power anti drug slogans used yearly by teachers and parents. Life is a precious gift, don’t waste it on drugs. Slogans against drug abuse help get the message out about the many dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Death and Drugs are best friends. Don’t let drugs trick you, they will kill you. 11. It can cause physical, social and emotional harm to the person. No drug user grows old, they die painfully being young. Be ahead of the influence. 15 Unique and Catchy Slogans on Anti-Drugs. Feel free to use these slogans where ever you want. Friday Quotes. We are providing fifteen slogans to raise awareness among the people about anti-drugs. Your life a gift that is too important to be given away to drugs. So there’s no intervention, start with prevention. Don’t get high, Reach for the sky! The family’s history of addiction can give some clue about it. You can’t become a sportsman if you do drugs. by copyranter. Often drug free slogans are catchy. 6. And also on … Doing drugs doesn’t make you cool; it makes you a loser. Answer: Drug addiction can be elaborated as the most severe form of substance use disorder (SUD). Abuse of alcohol and drugs can ruin the user's life, health, and their relationships. Lets all spread the word to just say No to Drugs. Make the right choice. Don’t take a drink. Up with hope or down with dope? Keeping the youth drug free is important for both the students and the country. Twinkle Twinkle little star, if you are a drug user you won’t go far. If or when you get addicted to drugs varies from person to person and depends on many factors such as your genes, gender, environment, age and how these factors interact. 28 entries are tagged with funny anti drug slogans. Nobody wanna’ some marijuana! You will never have this life again; don’t waste it for something as petty as drugs. 14. 8. Drug users die slowly. Be brighter, put down the lighter. Problems also include health issues and disabilities. Drug abuse is a self-destructive process of using or consuming substances that can cause distress and problems. Paul drug free…. Drugs are no treat, beware it may trick you. Discover and share Famous Anti Drug Quotes. You have one life, don’t waste it with drugs. Make the PURRR-fect choice, stay away from drugs. Your future self will thank you for saving yourself from the trauma. 13 Funny Anti-Drug Ads. ... Alcohol, it’s a drug too. Don’t let drugs take over your life. The slogan was created and championed by First Lady Nancy Reagan during her husband's presidency. + What’s your anti-drug: The herb is for use not for abuse. Instead, try and do the thing that gets your mind off of it. +25. Don’t be a slave to drugs; don’t let the chemicals be a master of your life. They usually rhyme or are very direct and to the point. If a message is repeated often enough, more people will buy into it. At the end of this page, we have shared short anti bullying quotes that will help you. Don’t drug your dreams down. Teach your kids how to play magic They won't have money for drugs 2: A life with coke really blows. A total of $ billion has been spent on marketing. 3. Drugs are never an escape for pain. 10 Don’t be a clown! is the chance for me to be the very best ME!!! It badly affects your brain and your body. Oct 22, 2019 - 100 Best Anti Drug Slogans, Posters and Quotes – Shout Slogans Cocaine use is on the rise and we have to take action to stop the use of this poisonous drug. The more you use drugs, the less you live life. When given a choice, choose life over drugs. Keep off the Grass! Siblings Quotes. The more that you do drugs, the less you live. 7. Drugs stay away from me. Drugs … It promises you feelings of exhilaration and escape but just leaves you with addiction and pain. 165 x 285 jpeg 11kB. Be the best you can be- be drug free. 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