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・If you perform the redial operation on your control unit, the outgoing call record is displayed on your cell-phone. (7 March 2013) *8Sort Order function of hands-free Setup may not operate depending on the cell-phone. ・Connection may fail due to surroundings. no = Function unavailable. *3Display Character Conversion: If the control unit cannot display accent characters such as "ü" and "ä", set the display character conversion function switch to "ON" to convert them to "U" and "A". How to clear (reset) a paired device. ・Even if "Ringing Tone" is set to "In Phone", the ring tone that is heard when receiving a call may not necessarily be identical to that set on the cell-phone. How to reset a DNX9140 Kenwood radio when the security code is not known? This does not guarantee that all units of the same cell-phone model will offer the same result. Press the Phone button. ・The date and time of SMS reception may not be synchronized with those of call reception on the cellphone. ・To prevent distortion or static noise, adjust the volume level on the wirelessly connected device before use. ・yes = Feature is supported and confirmed. Be sure to read it. ・Noise or loud echo may occur during a voice call. *7At receiving call, sometimes the correct phone name/number can not be displayed. HSP (Headset Profile) * HSP may or may not be connectable from a cellphone to our Bluetooth device. Select the Kenwood when it shows on your phone’s display. no = Function unavailable. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone 6. SYNC(Syncronization Profile) SPP(Serial Port Profile) SYNC(Syncronization Profile) ・When you switch to "Private mode", it cuts-off Bluetooth connection. This web site provides the compatibility information of your cell-phone and the KENWOOD Bluetooth unit. (e.g. For example on certain cell-phones, making a call via KENWOOD head unit is possible only while the cell-phone's display is showing the standby screen. The compatibility information will be displayed. When an iPod touch or iPhone is connected to this unit using Dock Connector to USB Cable, an authentication dialog appears. Product Highlights: General features: CD receiver with AM/FM tuner built-in HD Radio built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels) plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC music files automatic iPhone pairing HFP (Hands-Free Profile) Select your KENWOOD Product and your cell-phone. ・Depending on the setting or status of the connected cell-phone, some functions may not work properly. ・Even if your cell-phone supports PBAP, it may be not available to access the phonebook/call history data memorized in your cell-phone or SIM card depending on your cell-phone's specification. ・Audio playing on A2DP (streaming audio) may be interrupted for seconds after its start. PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile) If you see the word "Off" below the "Bluetooth" icon, tap the icon once to turn it on. A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) ・If a call is made from your cell-phone, the contact information such as name and phone number will not be displayed on the control unit. 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter the current pass code. (31 May 2013) What is a Bluetooth pairing code? PIN code is set to "0000" as the default. The Searched Device List screen cannot be displayed, when the receiving source is Pandora internet radio or Bluetooth Audio. ・In some cases you are required to choose "YES" on the pop-up screen of your cell phone. See Update Guide. Page 31: Bluetooth - Audio Bluetooth® Bluetooth — Audio On the faceplate Random play Press and hold 3 to select [ALL RANDOM] or [GROUP RANDOM]*. ・ On certain cell-phones, PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is fixed. PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile) Plus sign (+) may not be displayed depending on the cell-phone.). ・Echoing may be heard loudly during the call. During the pairing process, the BLUETOOTH device may require input of a PIN code. For example, during music streaming, the sound may be interrupted while HFP is connecting/disconnecting. ・The category type in the Phone Book of this unit (such as "General", "Home", "Mobile", "Office" and "Other") may differ from that in the Phone Book of your cell-phone. 2. Please note that performance may be different from the table above due to modification of phone specifications made after testing. ・You need to press "unhold" of your cell phone. A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 3. Turn on the car and the Kenwood stereo. ・ KENWOOD Bluetooth Products are compatible with the following profiles. ・Sound may be interrupted or playback speed may vary. In this case, the incoming call list of KENWOOD Bluetooth Products cannot be used for making a call. Delete unnecessary registration. ・The pairing and connection process depends on the cell-phone. *9Be sure to update the KENWOOD unit to the latest firmware. In such a case, enter “0000” as the PIN code for the System. ・If a call terminates from a phone with caller identification disabled, the caller name and number may not be displayed normally. ・Depending on the connection with the cell-phone, it may take a while to delete the registration of the cell-phone or to switch to another cell-phone. ・Text characters of phone numbers that can be recognized on KENWOOD head unit are numerals 0 to 9, + (plus), *(asterisk), a to d, A to D and # (pound) signs. Select your KENWOOD Product and your cell-phone. Go to Bluetooth setup on the Kenwood and delete ALL previous stored devices. Optional accessory: Compatible with KCA-RC547 (Remote Controller with Dialing Mode function). ・There may be cases where voices cannot be recognized easily or operation is not stable depending on the cell-phone model or environment in a car. ・If you make calls when connecting Bluetooth, it enters "Private mode". Kenwood KMR-D378BT Marine Bluetooth CD Receiver, 2x Infinity 6.5" 3-Way Speakers, 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Stereo Installation Kit, Enrock 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Speaker Mounting Adapters. ・There may be cases where automatic connection is not established properly even if "Auto Connect" is set to "ON". PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile) Select “KENWOOD BT CD/R-3P2” from the list of connected units. ・Signal strength indication and battery remainder indication do not necessarily correspond to those on the cell-phone. Start registering a unit by operating the Bluetooth device By operating the Bluetooth device, register the hands-free unit (pairing). See Update Guide, *Update the System firmware to Ver.1.2.0 or above. *5Year 2007 and older models do not provide a prioritized connect/disconnect indication for an audio device among the BT audio sources. Instructions: First get your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode and then get your BlueLink Adapter into pairing mode. HSP (Headset Profile) * HSP may or may not be connectable from a cellphone to our Bluetooth device. Please check the … *Be sure to update the KENWOOD unit to the latest firmware. SYNC(Syncronization Profile) All characters may not be displayed in all cases. ・If subindexes (such as mobile and home) are used with Voice Recognize, remote subscribers may not be called up normally unless all the subindexes are entered. 1. ・Number of characters available for each information display depends on the KENWOOD head unit's display. If your cell-phone supports OPP, it is available to transfer your phonebook data from the cell-phone to KENWOOD head unit manually. Terminate the transfer-wait mode from the receiver (when maximum memory capacity is reached, the receiver will automatically terminate the transfer-wait mode). Turn on the control unit and place your phone into Bluetooth search mode. Set the receiver to the transfer-wait mode (screen display example: "Ready to Receive 000/400"). (e.g. OPP (Object Push Profile) ・During Bluetooth audio playback, when the sound is interrupted by a call reception, call making, or voice recognition operation, playback may not resume automatically even after interruption ends. See <15.3 Registering the PIN code> "PAIRING" Á "PASS XXXXXX" Á (Bluetooth device name) Á "PRESS" Á "VOLUME KNOB" appears. Perris Valley Dodge Jeep Chrysler. ・There are models which cannot make a call unless the standby display is shown. ・Do not turn off the Head Unit while transferring the phone book. ・If the display does not show "Connect", "Pairing OK" and so on after the Pairing process is completed, Pairing has failed. ・There are models where the phone book memorized in the SIM card cannot be transferred. "0000"). 4. It does not prove the operation of all the units of the same model. HFP (Hands-Free Profile) ・KCA-BT300/KCA-BT200 is compatible with the following profiles. ・Compatibility status shown above is applicable to the unit that we have used for the test. ・There are models which do not transfer "+"-mark (International call mark) with the Bluetooth connection. 5. When the BLUETOOTH connection is established, the (BLUETOOTH) indicator stays lit. Check the User Guide which came with your phone for details. KENWOOD - KFC1633MRW. Sirius publishes a chart of Kenwood models which match their tuners. The compatibility information will be displayed. If so, please retry Pairing after deleting the Pairing on both the KENWOOD unit and the device to be connected. If connection (pairing) is not completed within 5 minutes after the indicator starts flashing, the System automatically turns itself off. Enter the PIN code sent on the phone. Whether you need routine vehicle maintenance or a major auto repair, you want service you can trust - with the right tools, parts and expertise. SPP(Serial Port Profile) ・International call may not be done from phonebook/call history of KENWOOD head unit. *6Optional connection cable (KNA-BT909) is necessary for using this unit. ・Some functions may require operations from the cell-phone. Select Device Register from the Kenwood’s Menu. Page 29: Registering Bluetooth Device (Pairing) Turn the [VOL] knob and press it when the ⁄ By operating the Bluetooth device, register the Code Edit”. Watch how easy it is to pair your bluetooth enabled cellphone with a Kenwood CD-Receiver. ・Some cell-phones can not reject an incoming call because the cell-phone does not support the function. To pair your accessory, open the Settings, select Bluetooth option, and slide the "Bluetooth" switch to the On (green position). OPP (Object Push Profile)
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