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Such a fun project that made a big difference in our little basement bathroom. I know, Jen! Make cuts for all four sides. It'll transform your builder's grade mirror and add quality, custom detailing to the room. I just remeasured and the exact dimension of the board .75 inches by 2.5 inches (So I guess it is a 1×3?). I started by sliding pieces of paper under the edge of the mirror frame and taping to cover the mirror. Then we covered the glass with newspaper and taped it down with blue painters’ tape. Procedure to install bathroom mirror. When measuring your space, take into account the mirror size you are covering. Have a great week! There are several advantages to reducing the amount of wall damage when hanging mirrors and other large frames, with the most obvious being less repairs down the road when you decide to repaint or move your mirror. I WISH I WOULD’VE DONE IT A LONG TIME AGO! Step 3: Glue The Frame To The Wall. I truly need this myself and feel confident I can do it on my own now! How does this lay flat over the mirror clips? Twist the wire around itself several times and use pliers to snip off any extra. We framed a mirror but we glued it directly to the mirror. It's easier to apply stain to the wood pieces prior to installation. A hanging mirror has to have a strong frame. This is awesome! Installing a light mirror. DIY experts show how to apply a wooden frame to a plate mirror in a bathroom to match the vanity and lend a clean look. To install a bathroom mirror with a frame, fasten eye screws behind the mirror frame. oak frame parts to a width of 2-1/2 in. Lay out lengths of trim on flat working surface. Hold the mirror against the wall in your desired position and mark the top and bottom corners using a pencil. Tile Framed Mirror Photo 4: Make the frame parts. You will be amazed how easy it really is to frame a bathroom mirror. This means that frameless mirrors, while useful, can be difficult to hang. But if it were me, I’d just grab the ones I’m showing you below the next time you are at Wal-Mart. Replace the backing material. Craft an entirely new look for your bathroom mirror — no big budget required. It is starting to separate and looks terrible! Detach the back box of the mirror by removing the four screws on the exterior of the frame (a). Painting a Front Door // Helpful Tips and 5 Mistakes to Avoid! Frame My Mirror Renovate with Confidence. When updating a bathroom, one slice of the budget usually goes to a bathroom mirror. This is so adorable!!! Give your space instant designer style with a custom mirror frame! This is a great way to dress up a large, but basic mirror. This of course meant that the clips were unevenly placed on the mirror and just looked weird. I was too chicken to glue the frame to the mirror, but it turned out pretty well just hanging it! As I mentioned above, if you do not have the tools to cut your board at home, you can have someone at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards (or any other home store such as those) assist you. Watch a full walkthrough of the process to install a mirror with two safety measures. Here’s how to make and add a DIY frame to a bathroom mirror: Measure the outside dimensions of the frame, so it overlaps the mirror. Measure the mirror and add 2 inches to the length and width. Dry wall anchors are the best, you guys. Thanks for the step by step how-to! Step 4: Glue the Frame to the Mirror. I used wood glue to hold the frame together. The other side shares the entry to the room. . We have found that a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up a bathroom’s appearance is to take down the large unframed mirror and replace it with two narrow mirrors over each sink. Wipe the surface How to Build a DIY Frame to Hang over a Bathroom Mirror, « How to Paint Tile Floors using Stencils, Choosing a Blog Name / Why Love Our Real Life? Attach the other screw to the right side as well. How to Add a Peel and Stick Kitchen Backsplash in a Rental. It totally transformed the room. How to Install a Bathroom Towel Warmer A towel warmer is a great way to add a little bit of luxury to any bathroom. Have a great day, Andrea! Step 2: Glue the Joints Together. 1. We had big plans with the mirror that we were looking at earlier in this post, but with the time constraints of the move we had to make some modifications.. Tutorial: Adding a frame to a plain bathroom mirror I am wondering what type / size boards did you get… not a typical 1×4, which would be 3 1/2 inches wide… ? You are so right. Gluing the boards right to the wall eliminates the need to find studs, and saved us from having to fill nail holes on the frame. I love this project, but I especially appreciate your easy-to-follow directions and pictures of the products you used. Nothing that a bit of caulk can’t fix. As you can see above, I had to go back and touch up the screws with black chalk paint. Here are some general dimensions for the frame: Front-Lighted Mirrors: The outside of the frame will be approximately 1 inch inside the perimeter of the mirror. Center this 4 1/2' piece about the mirror and anchor it into the wall using the 3" wood screws. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial to frame a simple bathroom mirror. Framing A Bathroom Mirror. Determine the appropriate wire to use for hanging the framed mirror. Note: Figure your preferred finish for the frame first. Yes! Painting can be done after installation. Step 3: Fill the Gaps and Paint the Frame. Saving this post for the future project! One wall shares the linen closet. of. Speaking of perfect, look how imperfect the painting is above. Stain or paint boards. This will help secure the boards together when drying. THIS is PERFECT for renters. Unplug the demister cable (b). Did you notch out the back of the frame? Feel free to use one or two photos provided that a link back to my original post is included. And everyone says something to the effect of: “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! in no time. Enjoy your day! Use mounting hooks if the mirror is large and has a heavy frame. For our latest bathroom renovation, instead of replacing the bathroom mirrors – we updated them. It is a huge mirror. We simply covered our ping-pong table with old newspaper so it would be out of the way when drying. For cost analysis, I priced out a 36″ wide by 24″tall mirror with six clips in similar style and frame thickness. And you can’t tell it is a “frame”. I used tape to hold it in place while it dried. Once the mastic dries, which can take 24 hours, remove the temporary brace. If you're not sure about an old mirror, you can reinforce the frame … Let me know if you have additional questions! Spice up your bathroom’s style by adding a wooden frame to your plain "builder’s basic” mirror. How to Frame a Flat Bathroom Mirror. If you have any questions or comments, leave a note below! DIY Bathroom Remodel // How to Install a Toilet & Vanity, Build a Mirror Frame: In this week's video, I remodeled our guest bathroom! Make sure the overlap on all sides is the same while test fitting the position of the frame on your mirror. the. Watch how easy this do-it-yourself frame kit is to install. If you have limited space and a limited budget, installing a cabinet mirror in your bathroom can kill two birds with one stone. It comes with a waterproof remote, and you can customize the frame. Thanks so much, Cindy! Our mirror was 30 inches x 36 inches. Check out my tutorial to frame a simple bathroom mirror! Do you want a clean home? If you have a wall-to-wall bathroom mirror that looked current a decade ago, but needs updating, do it with molding. This is awesome ! I was nervous to commit to glueing it, so hanging it like an actual frame was a great compromise! This looks great! If you have a wall-to-wall bathroom mirror that looked current a decade ago, but needs updating, do it with molding. I LOVE your idea to just hang the frame over the mirror! The 80's light bar has been removed. You do not need this much! Here is how to frame a bathroom mirror on a budget. I had tiled our fireplace surround a few months ago and it turn out really great, so I went to Home Depot and picked up some tile that was on sale for a $1.86 ! Should you make a purchase after clicking through one of my links I might make a commission at no extra cost to you. Let us discuss how to install bathroom mirrors correctly. Next, mark the desired location on the wall and attach a properly sized hook. It turned out great! Now that we showed you the raised up vanity, it’s finally time for the “how we gave our mirror a custom look”. I knew it would be covered by the frame, so “good enough” was my thought process. Gluing the boards right to the wall eliminates the need to find studs, and saved us from having to fill nail holes on the frame. How to Build a Custom Mirror Frame Step 1: Cut the Frame Casing. You are a wonderful teacher! Install the Frame Once the paint is dry, you'll install the mirror frame. This makes the screw go in a lot easier. Framing A Bathroom Mirror. If you came here looking for some organization tips, you’ll love this! With all of my recent basement makeovers, I decided it was time. Add 1/4 inch to each measurement. Did you have to change those out? If you’d rather use a color, painting is always an option! Hang the D-Ring hangers around the screws that you attached with dry wall anchors and you’re done. And I keep walking in the bathroom (which I once hated) just to look at the mirror. All materials and instructions are provided to complete the job. Glue and nail the blocks in place through the plywood, being careful not to nail into the mirror. 2. Instead of nailing the boards to the walls, we decided to use construction adhesive to mount the boards to the wall.. Customize it any way you like to make it unique. Step 10: Install Top Frame Apply the adhesive to the back of the mirror and stick it firmly to the wall. Step 3: Glue The Frame To The Wall. If you’d like instructions on how I stained my frame, see this post for instructions. Parallel to the lines you've drawn but about 1 inch (2.5 cm) inside, stick 4 pieces of painter’s tape to the wall. I compared company policies, frame selection, and cost below. Jason, my husband, doesn’t get too worked up about decor in our home. Cut the Baseboards. We had a builder’s grade mirror in our basement bathroom that was incredibly boring. They do not charge above the cost of the lumber for making straight cuts. To give the blocks some stability, you can stick them to the wall with masking tape. Step 5 Attach the Molding We ripped the 3/4-in. The frame can be painted or stained to the desired finish to match your décor. I used Minwax Special Walnut stain for my boards. Thanks, Kelly. After allowing the wood glue to dry overnight, the D-Ring hangers were attached to the top of the frame (on the back side) in each corner. Use the tips above to ensure your new look lasts well into the future. In order to take care of yourself after taking a shower, the installation of bathroom mirrors is naturally indispensable. I have been wanting to frame our bathroom mirror but have been wary about mitering the corners. Apply Liquid Nails adhesive to the back of the frame pieces, then place the frame pieces in place on the mirror. Press firmly on the DIY mirror frame to adhere it to the bathroom mirror The frame should line up exactly with the edges of your bathroom mirror. The walls on both sides of the mirror are in the process of having built ins with shelving for storage and dock station capabilities. ». It was so easy, but made a huge impact on making the space look more “finished”. If you aren’t sure how to use dry wall anchors, take a look at this post to learn how to easily install dry wall anchors yourself. Thank you, Jaclyn! To attach the frame to the mirror, use mirror caulk or screws. Framed mirrors are generally easier to install than frameless mirrors, but the frames take up extra space, making them less appropriate for small bathrooms with a limited wall area. All free printables offered are for personal use only. i love this, i have lived in rented apartments my entire adult life and i have always wanted to add frames to the bathroom mirrors but couldn’t because i do not own the home. For heavier mirrors, installing with picture hooks is advisable. We placed the mirror carefully on two stands in an outside area we didn’t mind getting red spray paint on. See all 65+ frames styles available at and order samples to get started. Prepare Work Area. Add a frame to your existing bathroom mirror in just minutes. Attach the other screw to the right side as well. Use the code below at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your custom frame. Putting the clips in the studs was the right choice, it just didn’t look good. Fasten one eye screw at the left side and 2 inches higher than the vertical center of your mirror frame. My friend Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog has an amazing organization course called Impactful Habits, Organized Home. Learn how to make and install a bathroom mirror frame yourself. The connection wires on our mirror frame as several inches long to provide some "play" to connect to the house power. About me... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The weight of the mirror will determine the kind of materials you will use for the installation. I'll show you how to install a toilet and vanity, build a Walnut frame for a mirror, and more! I hope that helps! Unless you have a really tight fit, you can play with the placement just a little bit to make sure it is centered best for your space. Every 8” or so along the top of your mirror, “draw” a circle with your mastic. Cut the 1' x 2' down to 4 1/2' to use as a frame hanger. It’s so spa-like, now. Good luck with your mirror, friend;-). An easy-to-install French cleat hanging system is another mounting method to consider when learning about how to hang a heavy mirror. That is so creative! To learn more about it, click here! Now on to how to actually make the frame! I went a little crazy with the painter’s tape on the mirror frame. The frame does not lay completely flush with the mirror due to the clips, but you would never know! Set the blocks at the corners of the frame so that the outer edges extend slightly—and equally—beyond the plywood and the inside corners overhang the mirror. time. If you use mirror caulk, press the frame into place and use painter's tape to secure until the adhesive can cure. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. You can also lay down plastic or an old sheet under your work area. Mounting hooks are ideal for vanity mirrors that weigh 15 to 30 pounds (6.8 to 13.6 kg) and have a frame … Use the stud finder again to make sure you go into the wood studs. Log in. Thanks for stopping by! Use a miter saw set at a 45-degree angle to cut your boards to the appropriate … If the lease allows hanging of pictures on the wall, then this project would be perfect! This tied in perfectly with … I like that you don’t have to glue anything to the mirror or walls to get this look. Thanks!! I removed the screws and the clips and took the whole mirror down from the wall. Hi, Becca! I am currently remodeling my master bathroom. I’m so glad is was helpful! Fasten one eye screw at the left side and 2 inches higher than the vertical center of your mirror frame. Join me for simple DIYs, crafts, and home organization projects to enjoy with your family! I wish you, #ad Fun festive morning with the girls! Thanks so much! Your email address will not be published. Apply at least two coats of paint to wood that will be used as frame for your bathroom mirror. You can select ANY stain that fits your decor. Why did it take 8 years to get this done?! The finished product looks like the mirrors came framed and were mounted on the wall! Tip: Keep your circles at least 3” away from the edge to prevent any mastic oozing out; nothing kills a floating mirror … To find quality mirrors for your refresh, visit Modern Bathroom, the Internet’s leading resource for bathroom products at … Frameless mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom or bathroom. It's my mission to help YOU find ways to create a home you love. An LED screen is set into the mirror along with built-in speakers. Determine the appropriate wire to use for hanging the framed mirror. How to Professionally Install a Bathroom Mirror We’ve all seen the builder-grade bathroom vanity mirrors, held up gracelessly by those small but ugly clear plastic clips. How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on Drywall. Here’s one of the corners – don’t be afraid if they don’t match up perfectly. Simply “eyeball” where you think they look best. What a kind comment. See below. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If your new mirror already has hardware attached, it's safe to hang. We put our mending plates in the center of where the two boards came together. This truly was a simple solution. We rounded the edges of the frame parts with a 1/16-in. Please see my disclosure policy. I am glad you found it helpful:-). The goal was to cover the beveled edges of the mirror as well as the mirror clips. Like hanging any picture frame or art work, just make sure you measure exactly. We will definitely need to try this instead. Use a level to ensure that the mirror will not hang crooked. Super easy and it pulled the look together. Magnifying Mirrors – Costing $30 to $433, these can be fixed to … Measure the mirror's sides for the trim frame. Standard boring bathroom mirror! I can’t wait to do this!! To make the most of your bathroom update, be sure you take time to properly install your new mirror. I applied mirror mastic (a special adhesive for mirrors) on the back of the mirror to hang it on the wall without the screws and hanging hardware. BUT, be sure to paint them prior to glueing the frame as you want to put the mending plates on as soon as you get your boards glued together. Take a look at the unbalanced mirror clips for yourself: And an up-close of the shell mirror clip: When I was getting lumber for our rustic shelves, I grabbed a board for this project too! Please do not remove any watermarks or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. Just make sure you know exact measurements of what you need. The goal for this bathroom mirror frame project was to keep everything as simple and easy as possible. Our Add A Frames® adhere directly to the surface of your mirror, so they will install easily if your mirror is against a wall or is resting on a backsplash. Double check that you are holding your frame level and then attach the cardboard corners on the inside of the frame. My husband and I can’t believe how much of an upgrade it made in our bathroom for such a little cost. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But also consider the space above the sink as well as the space below the lights. The folks at Frame My Mirror have extended an offer to you, too, friends! Gather required materials. Make a farmhouse style DIY mirror frame for your plain clip bathroom mirror. I’ve seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges. Have a great day! Lumber cut to fit mirror (see below for details to get accurate measurements), Optional: alternatively you could paint the frame vs. stain if this is your preference, Chalk paint or spray paint to paint mending plates if desired (I used black chalk paint because I had it on hand), paper towels or rag to wipe excess wood glue as needed. The goal for this bathroom mirror frame project was to keep everything as simple and easy as possible. Install a temporary wooden brace to support the mirror’s bottom edge. Set the new mirror in the frame, face down. #ad Our first Christmas in our last house in Flori. To keep the frame in place while the adhesive is drying, use strips of painter’s tape. This mirror looks fabulous! Apply your liquid nails or glue to the back of the board but make sure to leave an inch or so at the top of the board so you won’t see the glue reflected in the mirror. I love the idea of using the mending plates! We wanted to show you how we framed our large bathroom mirror. It’s made a HUGE difference in upgrading the look of the mirror for very little cost and effort. Also, paint the back of the mirror black so the back of the wood doesn’t reflect in the mirror. Place the mirror casing against your ˛at wall surface, with at It lays flush with the mirror, so you’d never know it’s not attached. It’s not like I know this from experience or anything! Glue Will Do It. Skills Required: Beginner. Great job!!! Instead of nailing the boards to the walls, we decided to use construction adhesive to mount the boards to the wall.. Here is a link to some mending plates on Amazon that are close to the ones I used. Let me suggest something from another Pinterest suggestion: replace the mirror clips with a washer. Now cut out a pocket or groove in the primary trim pieces to accommodate the edges of the mirror (Image 2). This would give us 34″ across by 39″ long when assembled. And it adds a nice industrial touch to it. I will be updating the mirror with a 2 inch frame that I have ordered from For a nearly 3-foot-wide mirror, this meant four circles along the top. It really dresses up the master bathroom! Great idea! I love it! Next, sand the wood so it’s nice and smooth, be sure not to sand the angled cuts too much – … (PS. Love the design , I feel like this is actually something I could do ! And everyone says something to the effect of: “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! Learn how to frame a mirror the easy way – you only need basic woodworking skills to accomplish this project. This is exactly what I was looking for! They can hang flush with the wall, take up less space and can be hung behind doors or in closets. 6 Instruction manual Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors (a) (b) 3. Even the budget mirrors at Home Goods can run between $50-$60 for a small-ish mirror. Good luck with your boys’ bathroom! Unfortunately, the frame on a mirror is usually where the hanging hardware is mounted. For a light mirror, the adhesive strips will be okay. I WISH I WOULD’VE DONE IT A LONG TIME AGO! Use your level to place the frame in the correct location on your mirror. It really made a big change for very little cost. The stain was allowed to dry for several hours prior to assembling the frame boards. Disclosure policy. Learn how to hang a heavy mirror on drywall without making a huge hole in your wall. . Step 2 - Attach the Wire. OMG! Cut the corners on the frame square if using plinth blocks, or at a 45° angle if mitered. I’ve seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges. After the 1' x 2' is mounted, put three evenly spaced 1/2" … If using screws, fill screw holes with spackling compound, then sand and paint with another coat for a beautiful finish. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I don’t. DIY Mirror Solutions from Frame My Mirror ®. Let dry on non-stick paper for 12 hours before installation. In that same post, I share how I stained the wood. If your new mirror is not as thick as the old one, cut a sheet of thin cardboard to the same size as the backing and set it in the frame to fill up the extra space. I’m guessing that you are realizing we will NOT be attaching this frame to the mirror in any way. It took less than a minute! Then remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the mirror. Spice up your bathroom’s style by adding a wooden frame to your plain "builder’s basic” mirror. In the below image, I am pulling the frame away from the mirror to show you it is not connected. It really wasn’t a challenging DIY, but it really dressed up the mirror! I don’t hate the mirror anymore! Thanks, Amanda. Mark where you want the mirror to hang using a pencil. In their master bath, the mirror covers the wall from the ceiling to the countertop. Thanks for this awesome tutorial with tons of info and photos. The mirror is an important piece of furniture that can facilitate our grooming, and it is also an indispensable part of the bathroom. Apply a liberal amount of wood glue on the surfaces then press together firmly, wiping away any excess glue. No, I did not cut out notches to go around the clips on the back side of the frame and honestly, it looks great (of course, in my opinion). After all your hard work, you want it to look perfect when it’s hanging! Interlocking brackets on the wall and the mirror provide secure and level hanging. You don't even need any special equipment to get this done, just a trip to the hardware store. Especially since we already have the same lights! I’m pretty sure I paid less than a dollar for the mending plates at WalMart. Thanks for the sweet comment, Gwen! Bathroom Mirror TV Cost – A bathroom mirror with a TV costs $311 to $2,799. Thank you! Our bathroom mirror was just plain and lacked that wow factor! This is a fairly easy DIY project that makes a mirror go from 'boring' to 'cool!' Glue Will Do It. roundover bit—but this step is optional. I couldn’t find black (which matched the shelves that I just made), so I painted them with chalk paint prior to starting this project. Of course this is a fabulous mirror in black but I really wanted a super high gloss white mirror for the bathroom, so I just spray painted it. To install a bathroom mirror with a frame, fasten eye screws behind the mirror frame. Measuring is probably the most complicated part of this project. Using your miter saw, cut your wood at a 45-degree angle so the outside portion of your wood piece will be the full length of the mirror (see pic above). The mirror clips used to hang it were small sea shells and were hung in studs. TIP:  After determining where the hanger will go, I find that it is easier to hammer the tip of a nail into the board. 2. If you’re installing a bathroom mirror with a frame, check the mirror frame for a hanger bracket. Thanks for this.. What a great perspective, Kimberly! Yes, it did. Military base house kitchen but make it Christmas! Our bathroom mirror is a HUGE mirror, 60", and to buy a replacement that size was simply out of our budget. I originally was going to hang matching framed mirrors over each of my two sinks but then I saw this picture of a home that was remodeled in the sixties. This tied in perfectly with the cabinetry in our basement bathroom. I used Minwax Special Walnut stain for my boards. Sitting here thinking about everything that’s go, Merry Christmas from our home to yours! Step 2 - Attach the Wire. But, for whatever reason, he had always despised our basement bathroom mirror. Install the bathroom mirror on the wall. The two custom mirror framing companies I found — Frame My Mirror and Mirror Mate — both have a very similar product, installation and ordering process. Starting with the bottom piece, apply liquid nails to the back of the board, avoiding the edge closest to the mirror. I knew I could have someone at Lowe’s or Home Depot cut a board down to the lengths I needed, but they only do straight cuts. In order to secure the frame to the mirror while the glue dried, I used double-sided indoor mounting tape. The tape on your frame is SUPER sticky and will stick to most anything it comes in contact with, so BEFORE removing the backing of the two-faced tape, do a test fit with the frame to your mirror. The top and bottom frame parts overhang the sides by 3/4 in. Instead, Jason and I thought it would be so much easier just to hang this like a regular frame. I use them all. Improve the value of your home with this easy to follow tutorial on How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror with just a few supplies! You could also spray paint them black. So I determined four 34″ cuts (length) would work great for our space. take a look at this post to learn how to easily install dry wall anchors yourself, Kitchen Table Transformation Using Chalk Paint and Wood Stain, Chalk Paint Recipe with Calcium Carbonate. Install the Corner Blocks Photo by Wendell T. Weber. I’d use one with a neoprene gasket to protect the mirror. Center the mounting bracket, or cleat, on the back of the mirror frame … I put this off forever as I didn’t want to deal with mitering the corners. My girls l, I want to hear about your collections!! This is important as the boards will be stuck to whatever they are on top of if you do not clean around the edges well. I need to frame my boys shared bathroom mirror. This post contains affiliate links. (by the way, my clips are off center too! I had thought about doing wood trim but, that didn't tickle my fancy either. Step … Stack some packing blocks up, level with the bottom edge you marked on the wall. I'm so glad you are here! Rustoleum makes a high gloss white lacquer spray paint that I knew would be perfect. I’ve been wanting to add a frame to my bathroom mirror ever since we moved into our home, but wasn’t sure how to do it since we also have the mirror clips that extend out — not the flat type. All images and text on this site are property of Love Our Real Life. The additional length allows the frame to slightly overhang the mirror, hiding its outer edges. Ensure your boards are on a flat surface for this part of the project. If you are interested in learning in how to stain wood click here. Plain, flat builder-grade mirrors are functional but bland. Sign up below and grab my weekly cleaning checklist!
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