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The first gender friendly pheromone fragrance specifically formulated for romance! About Athena 10X Pheromones Athena 10X Pheromones was developed in 1993 by Dr. Winnifred B Cutler who is the President and Founder of the Athena Institute which is located in Pennsylvania in the United States. The stronger the pheromone concentration, the more you can expect women to notice you. You will be hard pressed to find a better pheromone on the market. We put Athena pheromones to the test to see if they really worked. There is lingering controversy as to whether Athena products have real pheromones. Athena Pheromones – Includes genuine pheromones and is recommended for use as an aftershave additive. Yes, mixing pheromones with cologne or perfume is a great way to use pheromones. Coming in at … According to Dr. Vimal Murphy of The University of Washington School of Medicine, “Just because the cologne or perfume has pheromones doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be effective.”. Pherazone isn’t like any other cologne you’ve tried before. Patented 50mg blend of pheromones fragrances. Pherlure Cologne – This product claims that it has been tested at a university. las mujeres que son alérgicas a cosméticos no deben usar este producto. This was the first of its kind among colleagues, in 1986. Of all the pheromones we have reviewed, Pherazone provides the best value for your money overall. (Anécdotas de muchas mujeres reportan que 10:13 les ayuda en sus relaciones de negocios también. Compared to other pheromone colognes, Pherazone has an extremely high concentration of pheromones.While this gives you more bang for … TRUE Alpha. ISTOCK, JACOB WACKERHAUSEN S earch for “pheromones products” on the internet, and dozens of sprays and perfume additives will appear—many claiming to be able to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Copyright © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. The company does offer a mixing container and funnels but you have to … But 10X does this with the special power of human pheromones. Mixing: Athena Pheromones has to be mixed with one to two ounces of cologne or after shave. Step by step how to mix Athena Pheromones into your cologne to get more romantic attention by increasing your sex-appeal. It was not long after their coverage on ABC news that the pheromone market began to heat up. According to a customer service representative at The Athena Institute, "Athena Pheromones are designed to increase the romantic attention you receive from the opposite sex. ¡Permita que el poder de las humanas incremente el romance en su vida! If you’ve heard of pheromones you may have seen the report done on ABC’s 20/20 news program regarding the Athena Institute. RawChemistry Pheromone Perfume Gift Set, for Her [Attract Men] - Elegance, Extra Strength Human … Each bottle contains a colorless liquid which works by altering the aroma of the user’s fragrance. My obsession with pheromone began when I chosen as a subject for a study on how effective pheromones were. ABC's 20/20 news with Bill Ritter 'tested' Athena Pheromones on two New York single women over age 40 to see if they can help improve their love-lives. It helps increase attraction with odorless chemicals that signal our brain. Athena Pheromone Perfume has been around for a long time – almost twenty years but since then the pheromone perfume market has evolved considerably. You only need one spray to notice results. Her findings show that chemicals in male sweat have a regulating effect on menstrual cycles. Athena Pheromone 10X™ is designed to INCREASE ROMANTIC ATTENTION from women. "Odorless pheromones are secreted by many animals to attract mates. Regardless of that, I only recommend the products or services, that I strongly believe will benefit our readers. Enhance your natural pheromone production which inspires desire, increases sex appeal and enhance romance. Unlike some other companies, there are no hidden fees. The following list details some of the top pheromone colognes currently available over the Internet. Elegant Pheromone Perfume scent that is both effective in attracting men, but also smells amazing. Scented with fragrant oils for their seductively stimulating qualities, and heavily laced with a strong concentration of high quality Pheromones. If you’re ready to embrace your inner alpha male, TRUE Alpha can help. August 1, 2016 In the instructions provided by the company, users of the product are advised to mix the vial into 2-3 ounces of cologne, to use as an “aftershave”. All of which contributes to something I like to call the “circle of causality”. Unlike inferior pheromones, Pherazone works as great as it smells. Winnifred Cutler, autora renombrada, Ph. In 1993, however, she patented a pheromone formula containing the chemical, which promised to help women attract men, naming it the Athena Pheromone(™). There is lingering controversy as to whether Athena products have real pheromones. For the use, Athena Pheromone 10:13™ should be emptied into a 2-4 ounce bottle of alcohol-based perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette and dabbed above the upper lip, behind ears every day. Dr. Winnifred Cutler is the founder of the Athena Institute pheromones. We usually recommend you use an unscented pheromone to mix with your current cologne or perfume. It comes down to potency. Disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. The formula is done by mixing 2-3 ounces of an alcohol-based aftershave and a vial of Athena 10x Pheromone, a funnel is provided to empty the entire contents of the vial. Noto una gran diferencia con el uso de la feromona y he hecho pruebas no usándolo por un tiempo y después comienzo otra vez. Athena Pheromone 10:13 agregada a su perfume favorito puede incrementar el romance en su vida intensificando su atracción sexual. Nota: La cantidad correcta de 1/6 de onza llena la mitad del frasco y debe durar de 4 a 6 meses cuando es utilizado siguiendo las instrucciones. D. de la Universidad de Pennsylvania, Bióloga y co-descubridora de la feromona humana en 1986, Athena Pheromone 10:13 es un producto cosmético sintetizado en el laboratorio que no contiene olor. Tengo 39 años. Alluring scent that you can wear it alone or layer it with your favorite perfume/cologne. This means that if you purchase an item following one of the links, I may receive a commission. I ordered from her, for $99.50, a vial of pheromones (one-sixth of an ounce) to be added to alcohol-based aftershave or cologne. This is inconvenient and requires additional items. Many feel she is taking too much credit for the discovery of human pheromones. D. in biology from the University of Pennsylvania, biologist and co-discoverer of human pheromones in 1986, Athena Pheromone 10:13™ is a laboratory-synthesized cosmetic product with no appreciable scent of its own. Pheromones Temos dois duplo-cego estudos publicados mostrando a eficácia de 10:13, ambos publicados em revistas científicas revistos por pares. Formulated with Androstenone and Copulin compounds, most powerful pheromone in humans that affects moods and improve your interpersonal relationships. I called the phone number listed in the ad; Dr. Cutler answered. The 10 Best Athena Pheromones 5,388 reviews scanned The 10 Best Pheromones ... Pheromones For Women Pheromone Perfume Spray [Attract Men] - Elegance, Extra Strength Human 9.5 9.0 She soon began selling her “pheromone perfume” through the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness in Pennsylvania, a biomedical research organization that she founded in the eighties. If you’re looking for results it’s important to find a product with the highest concentration. The most bizarre part about it, is that users are expected to wait several months for results. Athena 10x Pheromone is designed to be mixed with any alcohol-based aftershave. If you’ve ever done any reading on self improvement, changing habits, developing confidence etc. A lack of foresight into marketing and R&D means that the once mighty Athena Institute has been left flagging behind by more advanced, and dare we say it, better value products. Frasco: $98.50-- or Compre un '6-pak': el paquete de seis ¡Paga por 5 y se obtiene 6! No lo utilice en spray o atomizadores. They are cosmetics, not aphrodisiacs, and unlike other pheromone perfumes or cosmetics." Athena Pheromone 10X™ is not an aphrodisiac. New (2) from $29.90 + FREE Shipping Patente pendiente. An Athena's Exclusive! If you are considering purchasing Pherazone, our recommendation is that you choose either the Super Concentrated or the Ultra Concentrated to achieve more impressive results as well as to receive the best return on your investment. They suspected it was androstenone, a chemical that happens to be a sex pheromone in pigs. Hace que la gente me busque y se queda conmigo. Developed by Dr. Winnifred Cutler, scholarly author, who earned her Ph., No es un afrodisíaco. I was shocked with the results. From the one-of-a-kind formula to the stellar customer service, the folks at Pherazone make your satisfaction a priority. Whether you're in a long term relationship already and need to reignite the passion, looking for someone new, or simply looking for nice boost in self-confidence, pheromone perfumes and colognes from Love Scent can help you out! But after so many attraction, social, and alpha mixes already out there, one of my main concerns is wasting money on yet another product. Siga con el buen trabajo!". Cologne fragrances are generally very complex and adding one scented product to another can lead to unexpected results. It is a toiletry for men designed to do what your fragrances do: make you more attractive to women. Athena Pheromone 10:13 agregada a su perfume favorito puede incrementar el romance en su vida intensificando su atracción sexual. Algunas mujeres notan resultados en unos cuantos días; otras necesitan hasta 4 semanas para obtener el efecto completo. 4.1 out of 5 stars 17 $36.00 Your email address will not be published. Find the Top Pheromones To Attract Women with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2021 Many feel she is taking too much credit for the discovery of human pheromones. Be careful or leave that to the pros. How to Use Pherazone Cologne. And can you use that to your advantage? It’s safe to say, that when something new comes out, it’s definitely worth checking out. True Pheromones offers Pheromones for Mens. (Anécdotas de muchas mujeres reportan que 10:13 les ayuda en sus relaciones de negocios también.) Simplemente vacíe completamente el contenido (utilizando el embudo proporcionado) en una botella de perfume de 2-4 onzas, colonia o agua de baño y moje ligeramente con la mezcla la parte superior del labio, detrás de la oreja, y donde usted lo desee al menos cada tercer día. The other product--a fragrance additive for women--is Athena Pheromone 10:13. Pharmaceutical grade human pheromones perfume that works for over 24 hours after being applied to allow time for the Pheromones to Attract Men. Athena 10X Pheromone can do this because of the special power of human pheromones. Yo se lo recomende a mi hermana y a mi amiga. Pheromones For Women Pheromone Perfume Oil [Attract Men] - Elegance, Extra Strength Human Pheromones Formula by RawChemistry (15ML Concentrate) 4.1 out of 5 stars 2,914 $29.90 Mark Alexander Our proprietary blend of pheromones and designer fragrances has been extensively tested on men and women for maximum results. At Love Scent, we carry some of the best pheromone perfumes, colognes, and unscented pheromones on the market. So what makes some pheromone some brands better than others? Hummingbird Perfume w/Pheromones & Amulet for Rituals & Magic - Perfume Con Feromonas & Amuleto, Chuparrosa, Para Rituales Y Magia. (La botella mezcladora azul cobalto de 2 onzas está y otras accessorios para mesclar son disponibles.) Solo para uso externo. 10:13 promueve su atracción sexual. Dios la bendiga Dra Cutler. "In diaries kept by the women for 6 weeks, 41 percent of pheromone users reported more petting, kissing and affection with partners," New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday. Unlike pheromones like Athena pheromones 10x, PherX scam, or Pheromax… these are results that stick around long after you stop using the product. The master formulator, Garry, is a veteran and has been making pheromone cologne products since the early 2000’s. Athena perfume feromônio foi criado pelo Dr.. Winnifred Cutler. Este líquido concentrado sin color no alterará el aroma de su perfume. Attract opposite sex with pheromones for men. The product should not be mistaken for an … ... ATHENA PHEROMONE 10X ™. 0. A bottle of this product costs $99.99. Best selling pheromone perfume $25 + free shipping worldwide! A pesar de que Athena Pheromone 10:13 debe funcionar para la mayoría de las mujeres, no se garantiza que funcione para todas las mujeres. ), Los siguientes son comentarios actuales de usuarias de 10:13 (los nombres han sido cambiados para mantener la privacidad), Yo lo he ordenado muchas veces y lo uso con diferentes perfumes. • Highest pheromone concentration and results. Synthetic human pheromones are extremely expensive to manufacture. Ellos no quieren dejarme. Your purchase is simple and straightforward. Desarrollado por la Dra. Aumenta mis ventas y a pesar de que soy buena en mi trabajo de bienes raíces, esto hace mis ventas aún mejores. When the researchers added the compound, (Athena) Pheromone 10:13, to a perfume and gave it to older women, it made their partners more affectionate. Now let’s talk about Athena Pheromones 10x (for men) and Athena 10:13 (for women). 10:13 promueve su atracción sexual. Dr. Winnifred Cutler, a reproductive biologist and founder of Athena Institute, conducted a scientific experiment into the existence of human pheromones. Nós não “não divulgar” eles, mas alardeou-los em nosso site e em nossa literatura promocional. This is inconvenient and requires additional items. It was not long after their coverage on ABC news that the pheromone market began to heat up. Precio: EUA$98.50 incluye envío estándard. So, if the product is cheap you can normally assume that it may not necessarily be effective.
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